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SYMPOSIUM – From systems to organelles – understanding pancreatic beta cell function and dysfunction

Lício Velloso (Chair - Brazil), Miriam Cnop (Belgium), Michael Sammeth (Brazil), Doris Stoffers (USA).

SYMPOSIUM – The Exercise Pressor Reflex as a Mediator of Sympathetic Overactivity in Cardiovascular Disease

Donal S. O'leary (USA), Scott A. Smith (USA), Carlos Eduardo Negrão (Brazil), Hanjun Wang (Chair - USA), Raphaela Vilar R. Groehs Miranda (Brazil) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – Intracellular Cl- (Cl-in) sensing in cell signaling and ion transport

Shmuel Muallem (Chair - USA), Melanie Cobb (USA), Seonghee Park (South Korea), Laura Cancedda (Italy) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – Oxytocin oscillations throughout the life span

Kewir Nyuyki-Dufe (Canada), James Burkett (USA), Ioana Carcea (USA), Aldo Bolten Lucion (Brazil), Inga D. Neumann (Chair - Germany)

SYMPOSIUM – Heterogeneity in Respiration: New insights from new approaches

Merryn Tawhai (Chair – New Zealand), Susan Hopkins (USA), Peter Wagner (USA), Isaac Cano (Spain)

SYMPOSIUM – Dyadic and T-Tubule Remodelling in Cardiac Health and Disease

Andrew Trafford (Chair – UK), Alicia Mattiazzi (Argentina), Katharine Dibb (UK), Ting Ting Hong (USA) - Sponsored by The Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – Oscillations in neuronal ensembles of frontal cortex and the basal ganglia circuits implications for neurologic and psychiatric disease

Per Petersson (Chair – Sweden), Romulo Fuentes (Chile), Gustavo Murer (Argentina), Ivani Brys (Brazil), Claudio Da Cunha (Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – Physiological and pathophysiological changes in the transcriptome: New targets for understanding autonomic regulation

David Murphy (UK), Alastair V. Ferguson (Canada), Sabine Gouraud (Japan), Alex Paterson (UK), Andre Souza Mecawi (Chair – Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – Evolution Evolves: Physiology returns to Centre Stage

David Paterson (Chair - UK), Michael Joyner (USA), Yoav Soen (Israel), Abigail Fowden (UK), Yonghua Sun (China)  - Sponsored by The Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – Shared and unique aspects of the gating mechanisms of ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels

Yoshihiro Kubo (Chair - Japan) , Derek Bowie – (Canada), Cecilia Bouzat (Argentina), Frank Bosmans (USA), Marc Gielen (France) - Sponsored by The Journal of Physiology and The Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – New discoveries in tissue cross-talk, metabolic control and disease pathogenesis

Bente Klarlund Pedersen (Denmark), Matthew Watt (Chair – Australia), Kasey Vickers (USA), Mark Tarnopolsky (Canada)

SYMPOSIUM – New roles of Aldosterone and Mineralocorticoid receptors in cardiovascular disease: Translational and Sex-specific effects

Frederic Jaisser (France), Iris Jaffe (USA), Rita Tostes (Brazil), Eric J. Belin de Chantemele (Chair – USA), Ana Paula Davel (USA) Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation: Imbalance of Calcium Homeostasis

William Louch (Chair – Norway), Cecilia Hidalgo (Chile), Bjorn Knollmann (USA), Morten Thomsen (Denmark), Shi-Qiang Wang (China) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – Seasonal adjustments in Physiology: anticipatory or reflexive

Charles Loren Buck (USA), Fritz Geiser (Australia), Dehua Wang (China), Danielle Levesque (USA), Kenia Cardoso Bicego (Chair – Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – Cellular and molecular aspects of synaptic transmission

Yuko Sekino (Chair – Japan), Christian Gonzalez-Billault (Chile), Tomoaki Shirao (Japan), Shernaz Bamji (Canada), Frederic Checler (France)