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SYMPOSIUM – Polymodal Properties of Carotid Body Chemoreceptors Beyond Hypoxia: Relation to Health and Disease

Harold D. Schultz (Chair – USA), Jacqueline K. Limberg (USA), Silvia Vilares Conde (Portugal), Colin A. Nurse (Canada), Nanduri R. Prabhakar (USA) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and Physiological Genomics

SYMPOSIUM – TRP channels: structure, function and regulation

Ligia Araujo Naves (Chair – Brazil), Ramon Latorre (Chile), Sharona E. Gordon (USA), Laszlo Csanady (Hungary), Tamara Rosenbaum (Mexico) - Supported by the Journal of General Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – New insights into physiological and clinical adaptations to exercise and their heterogeneity

Bethan Phillips (UK), Philip J Atherton (Chair – UK), Heikki Kainulainen (Finland), Patricia Brum (Brazil), Vitor Lira (USA) - Sponsored by The Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – From synaptic and network plasticity to behavior

Pankaj Sah (Australia), Juan Lerma (Spain), Ying-Shing Chan (Chair – China) - Sponsored by the Chinese Association of Physiological Sciences

SYMPOSIUM – New insights into prolactin regulation and functions: a key hormone integrating reproduction and metabolism

Damasia Becu-Villalobos (Argentina), Jose Donato Jr. (Brazil), Raphael E. Szawka (Brazil), Patrice Mollard (France), David R. Grattan (Chair – New Zealand)

SYMPOSIUM – Mathematical Models in Health and Disease

Denis Noble (UK), Elena Lascano (Chair – Argentina), Juan Ignacio Felice (Argentina), Kelly C. Iarosz (Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – A search for new epithelial magnesium transporters and channels in health and disease

Vladimir Chubanov (Germany), Yosuke Funato (Japan), Jeroen de Baaij (Chair - Netherlands), Frederica Wolf (Italy)

SYMPOSIUM – Circadian rhythms and gastrintestinal physiology

Karl-Heinz Herzig (Chair – Finland), Patricia Brubaker (Canada), Guillaume de Lartigue (USA), Charna Dibner (Switzerland) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – Cardiorespiratory interactions – from animals to humans

Erin OCallaghan (UK), Alona Ben-Tal (new Zealand), Rohit Ramchandra (New Zealand), Maja Elstad (Chair – Norway)

SYMPOSIUM – Cilia go by the flow

Helle Praetorius (Chair – Denmark), Jose Badano (Uruguay), Iain Drummond (USA), Surya Nauli (USA) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – Synapse function in the immune system

Claudio G. Giraudo (USA), Hsin-Fang Chang (Germany), Jennifer L. Stow (Australia), Yenan T. Bryceson (Chair – Sweden) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – The Two-way Physiology Street: Mutual benefits of volunteering expertise

Penelope A. Hansen (Canada), Tony Macknight (Chair - New Zealand), Anisha Taylor (UK), Olusoga A. Sofola (Nigeria)

SYMPOSIUM – Wild clocks: Temporal organization of physiology and behavior in natural settings

Noga Kronfeld-Schor (Israel), Barbara Helm (UK), Horacio De La Iglesia (USA), Cory T. Willians (USA), Gisele A. Oda (Chair – Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – The Physiology of Polycystic Kidney Disease: New Molecular Pathways and Therapeutic Targets

Michael Caplan (Chair – USA), Alessandra Boletta (Italy), Dorien J. Peters (Netherlands), Luiz F. Onuchic (Brazil) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology – Renal Physiology

KEYNOTE LECTURE – AUGUST-KROGH LECTURE – The Magnificent Cardiovascular System of Giraffes

CHRISTIAN AALKJAER (DENMARK) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society