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DAVID EISNER (UK) - Ups and downs of calcium in the heart
Introduction - Bridget Lumb, UK
Vote of Thanks - Denis Noble, UK
Sponsored by The Physiological Society

SYMPOSIUM – New insights in the molecular physiology of the renal distal nephron

Jenny van der Wijst (Chair – Netherlands), Gerrit Daubner (UK), Eisei Sohara (Japan), Sung-Sem Yang (Taiwan)

SYMPOSIUM – Newly recognized G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) as novel regulators of physiology

Paul A. Insel (Chair - USA), Stefan Offermanns (Germany), Debbie L. Hay (New Zealand), Jennifer Pluznick (USA), James Eberwine (USA) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – Diaphragm plasticity in ageing and disease: Therapies for muscle weakness go from strength to strength

Coen Ottenheijm (Netherlands), Sarah M. Greising (Chair - USA), Esther Barreiro (Spain), Ken O’Halloran (Ireland) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The Journal of Applied Physiology

SYMPOSIUM – Neuroendocrine alterations in the hypothalamus by excess nutrients and endocrine disrupting chemicals causing metabolic disorders

Denise D. Belsham (Chair – Canada), Deborah Kurrasch (Canada), Sarah A. Stanley (USA), Deborah J. Klegg (USA)

SYMPOSIUM – Scope for Survival: Animals in Extreme Environments

Marina Giacomin (Canada), Paul Ponganis (USA), William K. Milsom (Chair – Canada), Tobias Wang (Denamark), Julia Nowack (Austria)

SYMPOSIUM – Modulation of physiological states of spinal networks to control posture and locomotion: underlying mechanisms and clinical translations

Yuri Gerasimenko (Chair - Russia), Ursula S. Hofstoetter (Austria), Parag Gad (India), Yuri Ivanenko (Italy), V. Reggie Edgerton (USA) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The Journal of Neurophysiology

SYMPOSIUM – Priming for health: The relevance of the brain-gut communication

Ludmila Filaretova (Russia), Valentin A. Pavlov (Chair - USA), Izabela Martina Ramos Ribeiro (Brazil), Andreas Stengel (Germany) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and The American Journal of Physiology – Gastrointestinal and Liver

SYMPOSIUM – Oxidative stress, aging and neurodegeneration

Thomas Foster (USA), Yohei Okubo (Japan), Marco T. Nunez (Chile), Roberto De Pasquale (Brazil), Andrea Paula-Lima (Chair – Chile)

SYMPOSIUM – Vasomotion – the rhythm of blood vessels

Aneta Stefanovska (UK), Vladimir Matchkov (Chair - Denmark), Antonio Colantuoni (Italy)

SYMPOSIUM – Oxygen variation through time

Wilfried Klein (Chair – Brazil), Jason E. Podrabsky (USA), Gina Galli (UK), Markus Lambertz (Germany)

SYMPOSIUM – The renin-angiotensin system: going beyond the classical paradigms

Robson A.S. Santos (Chair - Brazil), Michael Bader (Germany), Ulrike Muscha Steckelings (Denmark) , Gavin Oudit (Canada), Thiago Verano Braga (Brazil) - Sponsored by ACTA Physiologica

SYMPOSIUM – Mechanisms of mitochondria function and dysfunction

Satoshi Matsuoka (Japan), Donald Bers (USA), Heping Cheng (Chair - China), Yuriana Oropeza (Mexico), Alejandro Ciocci Pardo (Argentina)

SYMPOSIUM – Teaching Comparative Physiology: Multiple Approaches Promoting Learning

Malcolm S. Gordon (Chair – USA), Stacy Farina (USA), Miriam Struchiner – (Brazil), Marcia Trapp (Brazil), Cuijuan Niu (China) - Sponsored by The American Physiological Society and Advances in Physiology Education

SYMPOSIUM – Hypothalamic regulation of the cardiovascular system

Hui-Lin Pan (Chair - USA), Roger A. Dampney (Australia), Lisete C. Michelini (Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM – Gravitational Physiology, Aging and Medicine

Nandu Goswami (Chair – Austria), Andrew P. Blaber (Canada), Kishore K. Deepak (India), Giovanna Valenti (Italy), Jean-Pierre Montani (Switzerland) - Sponsored by the Austrian Physiological Society

KEYNOTE LECTURE – The Many Paths to Fear


KEYNOTE LECTURE – SCHMIDT NIELSEN LECTURE – How Animals Will Work Under Climate Change

DUNCAN MITCHELL (SOUTH AFRICA) - Sponsored by The Scandinavian Physiological Society